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Get RANDOMAZER for your ATARI STe/Falcon

Download the full game! All 50 levels of crazy marble action!
And also consider the boxed version with all the goodies at

If you like RANDOMAZER and other ATARI ST games, maybe make a donation to the developers... so they may be able to have a beer together!

Version History

Version 1.00 - May 23rd 2020
  • Bug 2005201 – After last level, game did not unlock level above existing level count for possible expansion packs. Fixed

  • Bug 2005211 – Typos in English, German and Polish. Fixed.

  • New 2005191 – New language added: Czech. Done.

  • Bug 2005181 – Text display cut of after “,”. Fixed.

  • Bug 2005202 – In some languages the level-playtime was not displayed with the level info. Fixed

  • Bug 2005221 – Stop using ridiculous bug numbers just to look cool. Fixed.

  • Bug – Game crash-quits on 512k systems instead of giving a warning message. Fixed.

  • New – Music track speed adjustment. Done.

  • New – Symbol indicates level control mode. Done.

  • New – two more Chiptunes by xFalcon added to the game.

Version 1.00 Beta 3 - May 5th 2020
  • Initial public release

Why should you upgrade from the teaser to the full Version


Full Game

Action Gameplay


6 Trainer Levels + 5 Teaser Levels

6 Trainer Levels + 44 Game Levels

Music by xFalcon

3 great YM tunes

7 great YM tunes (2 new!)



Czech (new!)

How to update and keep game stats

All gamestats are stored in a single file “DATA/USERS.DAT”. This file is created on first startup and does not come with the download. Therefore a new install will not replace your gamestats. Just replace all existing files on your harddrive/floppy. Or copy the file “DATA/USERS.DAT” onto a new folder or floppy.

  • Bonus Download: The maze generator source code

    Interested in some BASIC coding. Download the Maze Generator Source!

  • Important notice

    This is a game for historic ATARI STe/Falcon computer family. It will not run on any modern hardware platform without a proper emulator installed. Use this game on your own risk. Only download this game if you understand this limitations.

  • Feedback please!!!

    If you find bugs in the game or have other comments please sent feedback! Go here: Impressum/Imprint

  • Info to spammers and scammers

    There is no money to be made here. Sorry. Please only write to this guestbook on topic. If spam is overwhelming I will close the guest-book.


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